Jenny McCarthy Burns Mariah Carey

Jenny McCarthy Burns Mariah Carey 

Posted: 8:31 am Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

By meglane516


Jenny McCarthy is calling BS on Mariah Carey’s excuse for bombing her New Years Eve performance. Mariah Carey claims Dick Clark Productions pretty much sabotaged her performance and her ear pieces weren’t working correctly. Well Jenny McCarthy, who has been a part of the New Years Celebration for several years says that Mariah just blatantly didn’t show up for rehearsal. She said quote, “I think Mariah was nervous as hell. I think she chose really tough songs to try to sing along with. I think ‘Emotions,’ that song, I mean her voice is not there anymore. I don’t believe there is a problem with her inner ears. I just don’t. I think she used it as an excuse.” You can listen to it HERE