Posted: 8:50 am Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Rob Kardashian Kicked Off Instagram For Posting Blac Chyna Nudes 

By meglane516

robandchyna-d7da4726-9785-4887-901a-283c641d0beaRob Kardashian got kicked off Instagram for posting nudes of Blac Chyna after he caught her cheating on him. It started over the weekend when a rapper named Ferrari posted a picture in Rob’s bed wearing his robe so he accused her of cheating. Apparently, Chyna and Ferrari have been hooking up but it overlaps with when Rob and Chyna got back together, so Rob lost it. He began posting nude photos of her and a video of her about to get weight loss surgery that he claims he paid for after she had their baby. Chyna then claimed he physically abused her and cheated on her as well. It’s all a big cluster you know what. Read more here and here